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Eminent Domain

As a general rule, co-ops usually do not have to resort to condemnation to acquire easements since the landowners in most cases are also our member-owners. There are, however, times when a co-op must exercise its power of eminent domain in order to provide the electric infrastructure necessary to serve its members. Balancing the legitimate interests of the landowner with the needs of the rest of the co-op members always has and will be a primary concern of the member-owners who control our nonprofit co-ops. The current law allows co-ops to continue to do just that. If not very carefully drafted, any change to the current law could disrupt that delicate balance to the detriment of all co-op members.

AMEC strongly supports landowner rights, but would be forced to oppose any change to the current law that might make it more difficult and costly for the co-op general membership to acquire easements when the use of eminent domain becomes necessary.

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